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Intensive Course via ZOOM

Starting date: January 18th
Timing: Mondays to Fridays, 10:30-14:00
Duration: 2 weeks (30 hours of teaching via Zoom)
Participants: 4 - 6 students
Cost: € 500
Included: study materials

A2B1 Upper-Intermediate


The upper-intermediate Dutch course (A2B1) is suitable for those who
have a solid base related to the grammar (main phrase, interrogative, phrases starting with a condition of time or place).  Extensive knowledge and active use of vocabulary is also essential. The starting point of this course is the Present Perfect (PP-Perfectum) but only as a repetition. We will explain why we say: ‘ik BEN naar Engeland geweest’ and ‘ik HEB boodschappen gedaan?’ and what is the difference between: ‘heb gefietst’ en ‘ben gefietst’?. While going through the theory of the ‘PP’, the emphasis will be placed on the exceptions formed without ‘ge’, for example: ontmoet (have met), verdiend (have earned) etc.
Hereafter we will repeat the basic inversion (Morgen ga ik naar Spanje vs. Ik ga morgen naar Spanje) and, more extensively, the Simple Past (SP - imperfectum). We will also go through the theory of knowing when to use the PP and when to use the SP.

A very important topic that we are going to introduce in this course is the subordinate phrase (ondergeschikte zin). You will learn the most important words for forming this phrase: “omdat”, “als” and “toen”. In combination with the past tense, the forms are one of the basic things for this course. Keep in mind that if you use the subordinate order in a correct way, you leave 80% of the foreigners behind you (related to the Dutch grammar of course).

Last but not least, ‘zouden’ (should/would/could) is introduced as well. It is not a difficult topic since it is used more or less like in English but in our experience, learners of Dutch tend to avoid using it. The intention is to use this in a more solid way (It would be nice, het zou leuk zijn…)

Besides all of the above, if necessary, there is time in this course to repeat some grammar topics from the previous level, such as the separable verb, the reflexive verb and the negation.


No. of Days: 10
Total Hours: 30
No. of Participants: 6
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Quality Dutch courses for Expatriates and Students! Good grammar, useful Dutch in friendly & relaxed atmosphere. Attractive prices, course variety - good investment for your future in the Netherlands!
[email protected] +31 654992219
Dutch Courses Amsterdam offers quality Dutch courses for expats, students and world travelers!
We provide Dutch language instruction for all levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference, from beginners' level (A0) to experienced (B2, state exam level Dutch as a foreign language 1 and 2). You can choose from different modes of study - intensive courses, evening classes, Saturday classes, private & semi-private lessons and distance learning via Skype. Study materials are being carefully selected and prepared from various sources. They are easily understandable, fun and interesting to learn from. There is not ONE boring textbook on our desks!
We focus on good grammar and useful vocabulary and our groups are limited to a number of 7 people (6 for higher levels) to insure the full development of each student and to provide the maximum attention and advice from the teachers. We provide a friendly & relaxed atmosphere, with two teachers assigned for each course, one for grammar and one for conversation. Nice class rooms and a beautiful garden provide you with excellent learning conditions. ...
Dutch Courses Amsterdam
Postjesweg 57, Amsterdam, Netherlands 1057 DW
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