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Developing Mobile Apps exam 70-357 E-learning

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Introducing UWP and Basic App Layouts

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
17 Minutes

Course Introduction
Introducing UWP
Setting up the UWP Development Environment
Building a Simple App

Responsive Page Layout
39 Minutes

Responsive Design with UWP
Grid Panel
Canvas Panel
Alignment, Margins, and Padding
Making Complex Layouts

Practice: App Layouts
3 Minutes

Exercise: Laying out an App

Adaptive App Design

Adaptive UI
22 Minutes

Course Introduction
Comparing Responsive and Adaptive UIs
Using an AdaptiveTrigger
Setting Attached and Element Properties
Making a Tailored Layout

Adaptive Coding
12 Minutes

API Contracts
Type Detection
Platform Specific Analyzer

Optimizing Layouts
5 Minutes

Types of Layouts

Practice: Adaptive UI
4 Minutes

Exercise: Build an Adaptive UI

XAML App Controls

App Controls
32 Minutes

Course Introduction1
Implementing Command Bars
Using Menu Flyouts
Using Context Menus
Using Dialogs
Using Popup Menus
Using ToolTips
Control Over App Settings

Custom Controls
14 Minutes

Creating Custom Controls
Styling Custom Controls

Practice: Implementing App Controls
5 Minutes

Exercise: Create Various App Controls

App Navigation

UWP App Navigation
33 Minutes

Course Introduction
Navigation between Pages
Hub Navigation
Master/Details Navigation
Tabs and Pivot Navigation
Nav Pane Navigation
SplitView and Nav Pane
Back Button5

Accessibility Navigation
12 Minutes

Keyboard Navigation
UI Automation
Narrator Navigation

Practice: Navigation
3 Minutes

Exercise: Implementing Navigation

Application Life Cycle

App Life Cycle
29 Minutes

Course Introduction
App Life Cycle Overview
App Activation
App Prelaunch
Startup Launch
URI Activation
File Activation

Suspension and Resuming
14 Minutes

App Suspension
App Resume
Extended Execution
Suspension Errors

Practice: App Activation
3 Minutes

Exercise: Implement App Life Cycle Features

Data Access and Binding in Apps

x:Bind and Binding Extensions
17 Minutes

Course Introduction
Binding Data Items and Collections to Layouts
Using x:Bind with DataTemplates
Using the Binding Extension
Converting Values for Binding

16 Minutes

Adding SQLite to a UWP App
Managing SQLite Databases
In-app CRUD Operations
Using EFCore with SQLite

24 Minutes

Introducing MVVM
Building Models and ViewModels
Building Views
Binding Events
Using the Dispatcher

Web Services
10 Minutes

Using HttpClient to Call an API
JSON Serialization

Practice: Data Binding
7 Minutes

Exercise: Using {x:Bind} and {Binding}

Using Mouse, Touch, and Keyboard Input

Touch and Mouse Input
16 Minutes

Course Introduction
Identifying Input Devices
Touch Events
Mouse Events

Keyboard Input
26 Minutes

Keyboard Events
Using Access Keys
Making Custom Keyboard Interactions
Making UI Respond to a Virtual Keyboard
Controlling Touchscreen Keyboard

Practice: Handling Input Events
4 Minutes

Exercise: Using Input Event Handlers

Using Other Device Input Methods

Device Capabilities
19 Minutes

Course Introduction
Enabling Device Capabilities
Using a Microphone
Using Enterprise Authentication
Using Location

18 Minutes

Using Inking Pens
Recognizing Text and Shapes from Pen Input
Storing Ink Strokes
Using InkToolbar

22 Minutes

Camera Input with CameraCaptureUI
MediaCapture for Video, Camera, and Audio Input
Camera Profiles
Preview Camera
Manual Camera Control

Practice: Camera Input
5 Minutes

Exercise: Basic Camera App Creation

Speech Input and Cortana

Speech Input and Output
27 Minutes

Course Introduction
Using the Speech Synthesizer
Introducing SSML
Speech Synthesizer with SSML
Speech Recognition
Using Different Grammars and Languages
Speech Recognition for Long Input

39 Minutes

Introducing VCD
Launching an App From Cortana
Using PhraseLists to Dynamically Modify Commands
Running Background Tasks through Cortana
Using Deep Links
Hand-off and Progress Screens
Completion Screen
Error Screen
Confirmation Screen
Disambiguation Screen

Practice: Voice Interface
5 Minutes

Exercise: Adding Voice Functionality

App-to-app Communication and File Storage

Communication between Apps
26 Minutes

Course Introduction
Sharing Data with a Share Contract
Receiving Data with a Share Contract
Sharing Data with the Clipboard
Receiving Data through Drag-and-drop
Using App Extensions

File Storage Management
33 Minutes

Creating a File
Writing to a File
Reading from a File
Reading File Properties
Working with File Pickers
Using RoamingSettings
Using RoamingFolder

Practice: Share Contract
5 Minutes

Exercise: Using a Share Contract

Notifications with Toasts and Tiles

23 Minutes

Course Introduction
Creating and Sending Toasts
Generating XML Payload
Adaptive Toast Content
Interactive Toasts
Activation with Toasts

18 Minutes

Configuring a Primary Tile
Using Secondary Tiles
Adaptive Tiles
Sending Notifications to Local Tiles

5 Minutes

Badge Notifications

Practice: Notifications
4 Minutes

Exercise: Implementing Notifications

Background Tasks and Reusable Components

Implementing Background Tasks
18 Minutes

Course Introduction
Creating a Background Task
Registering a Background Task
Background Task App Trigger
Conditional Background Tasks

Managing Background Tasks
17 Minutes

Monitoring Progress
Background Task Event Handling
Manually Calling Background Tasks for Debug
Background Task and App Communication

App Services
22 Minutes

Creating an App Service
Implementing an App Service
Deploying an App Service
Calling an App Service
Running App Services as Background Tasks

Windows Runtime Component
14 Minutes

Creating a Windows Runtime Component
Creating a Class Library
Integrating Runtime Components

Practice: Background Tasks
4 Minutes

Exercise: Creating Background Tasks

Authentication and Identity Management

App Authentication and Identification
22 Minutes

Course Introduction
WebAuthenticationBroker for User Authentication
Connecting with SSO
Azure Active Directory Setup
Azure Active Directory Authentication
Credential Locker

Windows Hello
26 Minutes

What Is Windows Hello?
Detecting Windows Hello in a UWP App
Adding a Windows Hello Login Screen
Remembering User History
Registering Users with Windows Hello
Creating Server-side Windows Hello Service
Using Client-side Logic for Windows Hello Service

Practice: WebAuthenticationBroker
4 Minutes

Exercise: Using the WebAuthenticationBroker

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