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Zurich Node.js Fundamentals Training

Training by  OlinData
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OlinData has partnered with StrongLoop Inc. to bring you the very best Node.JS training in the market today. StrongLoop is one of the core contributors to Node.JS and operates on the bleeding edge of Node.JS. Through our partnership we are able to provide you with unparallelled training, developed by production-experienced Node.JS developers.

"NodeJS Fundamentals for Developers" teaches students a best practice approach to coding applications in NodeJS.


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Early Bird: CHF 2,299; Normal Price: CHF 2,499
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OlinData is an Open Source Training and Consulting company active in 20+ countries across the Northern Hemisphere. With highly experienced engineers and trainers, we conduct live, in-depth training classes and offer worldwide remote consulting for open source solutions.

Our high level of expertise ensures that we only deliver the best quality for our training and consulting services; while our proactive service offerings give you optimal service as we work with you to determine what is most suitable and needed for your environment.

Where does our name come from?
Olin was a dolphin that lived in the Red Sea, who followed a deaf boy, Abidallah, home one day and subsequently stayed by his village. Through their friendship, she helped him improve his self-confidence and standing within his tribe. Today, Abidallah’s hearing is improved and he is able to speak well too.

Inspired by Olin, we believe she is a perfect example of OlinData’s core values:

"We help improve the knowledge and performance of your technology by through our knowledge & expertise, speed and friendly customer service."

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