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Transfer Pricing Professional

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In-Person / Distance Learning
Mar 19, 2020
EUR  2,980.00


Content of the training

The Transfer Pricing Professional online training consists of 2 online courses: Transfer Pricing Fundamentals, and Transfer Pricing Complexities. The Transfer Pricing Fundamentals course offers you a set of 8 modules that provide a better understanding of Transfer Pricing. The Transfer Pricing Complexities course consists of 6 modules and offers you a more in-depth understanding of Transfer Pricing.

After having studied these courses you start practicing with the unique Transfer Pricing study trainer. The Transfer Pricing study trainer consists of 145 practical Transfer Pricing questions, answers, practice and reading material. Not only can you test your Transfer Pricing knowledge so far, but you will also learn to address any Transfer Pricing question by studying the extended answers.

After practicing with and being challenged by the Transfer Pricing study trainer you can test your knowledge with the Transfer Pricing e-exam, consisting of 40 open and multiple-choice questions.

By using the Transfer Pricing study trainer at the maximum, you could spend every day, 3 months long, studying all the answers. We are convinced that this Transfer Pricing Professional training serves you with the most unique training package in the world!


Transfer Pricing Fundamentals – course overview

The Transfer Pricing Fundamentals online course offers you a set of modules that provides a better understanding of Transfer Pricing to anyone fairly new to the Transfer Pricing area. The course is also meant for (more) experienced Transfer Pricing Professionals to recapture their basic knowledge. Each module describes a topic in detail, with slides, visuals, examples, reading material, and external references.

Module 1 – What is Transfer Pricing?
Understand the basic principles of Transfer Pricing

Module 2 – Associated enterprises
Define stakeholders and their roles

Module 3 – Transfer Pricing process and lifecycle
Understand and apply the Transfer Pricing process

Module 4 – International Institutions: OECD and UN
Familiarize yourself with the practical implications of these institutions

Module 5 – Services
Define and understand the concept and practical applications of intercompany services in Transfer Pricing

Module 6 – FDI
Understand the implications of FDIs on Transfer Pricing

Module 7 – Cost accounting
Understand cost accounting within Transfer Pricing

Module 8 – Benchmarking
Apply benchmarking in Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing Complexities – course overview

The Transfer Pricing Complexities course offers you a more in-depth understanding of the Transfer Pricing field.

Module 1 – Effective Tax Risk Management
Understand and apply tax risk management

Module 2 – Transfer Pricing Control Framework
Understand and apply the Transfer Pricing Control Framework

Module 3 – Transfer Pricing software solutions
Familiarize yourself with Transfer Pricing software solutions

Module 4 – The FIN 48 tax provisions
Apply the FIN 48 tax provision

Module 5 – Purchase price allocations
Understand the structure of purchase price allocations

Module 6 – Custom duties
Understand custom duties and Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing Topics – course overview

The Transfer Pricing Topics course offers 7 modules featuring individual components that together form a detailed understanding of the latest developments in Transfer Pricing. The Transfer Pricing Topics course is oriented towards experienced Transfer Pricing professionals. Only as an extra when you order before January 1, 2020!

Module 1 – Intangibles
Identify and define intangible assets

Module 2 – Valuation
Apply valuation methods

Module 3 – Documentation
Understand documentation requirements

Module 4 – International taxation and withholding tax
Understand international taxation and withholding tax systems

Module 5 – International institutions: EU Joint TP Forum
Familiarize yourself with the TP Guidance by this European institution

Module 6 – Transfer Pricing methods
Understand and apply Transfer Pricing methods

Module 7 – Transfer Pricing news and trends
Understand the recent developments in Transfer Pricing


Mar 19, 2020
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