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In this online e-learning Developing and Implementing Blockchain Solutions training you learn more about developing portfolios with Java and Node.js. Learn more about the foundations of blockchain frameworks and get started with the installation and configuration of Fabrics.

You will also learn more about Blockchain development and the development of portfolios through Java and the Node.js API.

Finally, you learn more about the architecture of Ethereum and the implementation of Smart Contracts using the Ethereum programming language. The training also focuses on the security of the blockchain architecture.

Your result
You are familiar with the foundations of blockchain frameworks and creating portfolios with Java and Node.js.

You have knowledge about Java and Node.js.

Target audience
Software developer


Course content

• Blockchain Architectural Components and Platforms (1 Hour, 10 Minutes)
• Bitcoin Internals and Wallet Configuration (1 Hour, 15 Minutes)
• Securing Blockchain Implementations (33 Minutes)
• Implementing Smart Contracts Using Ethereum (2 Hours, 18 Minutes)

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