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The course Dutch B2-2 is a continuation from our Dutch intensive B2-1 course and covers Chapters 3C till 6A from the book "Contact! 3". It is intended for students who have an advanced knowledge of Dutch or who have completed the course Dutch B2-1 at Dutch First and wish to continue studying.  

The course is 10 sessions long during two weeks. Each session consists of 3 lesson hours (each of 45 minutes) for a total of 30 hours. Besides the lessons it is important to invest in self-study, which takes approximately 1,5 - 2 hours each day. Participants of this course continue their studies at level B2 based on language levels as described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

After completion of the course
After completing the course, participants will have a more in-depth understanding of Dutch history, culture, and expression. They will begin to use more complex verb forms and descriptions in their everyday conversations. They will continue to build their vocabulary and be able to understand more written and oral language in the media with less strain. They way participants express themselves will develop into a more sophisticated level.

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Dutch First is een particuliere taalschool in het centrum van Utrecht. Je vindt ons op de Niasstraat 1, op slechts 15 minuten loopafstand van het centraal station. Wij bieden verschillende cursussen Nederlands gedurende het hele jaar, van een zes weken durende standaard cursus, een tien weken durende intensieve cursus tot een intensief één jaar programma. Tevens bieden wij speciale lessen voor bedrijven en privé lessen. 
Dutch First
Niasstraat 1, Utrecht, Netherlands 3531 WR
+31 30 2919884
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