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Modern Records Management (MRM)

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In-Person / Training
Ended last Nov 04, 2019
EUR  2,415.00


Modern Records Management (MRM) – objectives

Many organizations rely on paper-based principles to manage digital records, but this doesn't work with the growing volume, velocity, and variety of information. The Modern Records Management (MRM) training gives you a thorough understanding of how to best automate the way digital information is managed in support of business goals and objectives. The Modern Records Management (MRM) training covers the entire lifecycle of records and provides the required skills to position records managers as business enablers.


The Modern Records Management (MRM) training consists of 4 days. The first 2 days (called the Specialist training) addresses concepts and processes associated with managing digital records. The last 2 days of the Modern Records Management (MRM) training (called the Implementation Specialist training) build on this by addressing unique digital recordkeeping challenges as well as how to implement a recordkeeping system. The Specialist and Implementation Specialist trainings combined lead to the Modern Records Management Master (MRMm) designation.


Modern Records Management Master (MRMm) designation

You will be awarded the AIIM Modern Records Management Master (MRMm) designation after passing the online exam. By earning this designation, you can call yourself a Modern Records Management Master (MRMm).


Modern Records Management Master (MRMm) – benefits

As a Modern Records Management Master (MRMm) you will acquire the necessary skills to:

  • Position records management as a business enabler
  • Capture records efficiently regardless of format
  • Automate common records management tasks
  • Support privacy and eDiscovery requirements
  • Manage records effectively throughout the records lifecycle
  • Select and implement a digital recordkeeping system
  • Decommission legacy systems and information
  • Ensure access to digital information over time


Modern Records Management (MRM) – for who?

This interactive Modern Records Management (MRM) training is applicable across all industries, and is independent of any particular technology or vendor solution.
The Modern Records Management (MRM) training is designed for IT managers, records managers, business unit managers, and other professionals who need to ensure that their organization's information and records are managed effectively.


ERM Strategic Component - (Why ERM?)

  • Understand ERM business drivers
  • Be able to do a wake up call about the need for best practice ERM
  • Make an explicit link between ERM and the current situation
  • Demonstrate how ERM affects each user
  • Understand the concepts of ERM and show how it supports information challenges
  • Identify necessary resources and responsibilities for implementing ERM
  • Explore the implications of a strategic ERM decision
  • Gain commitment for change
  • What's involved?
  • Who's responsible?
  • Case Studies

ERM Concept Component - (What is ERM?) - Part A

  • Understand Records Management terminology
  • Understand the lifecycle of records with focus on electronic records
  • Consider the sources of records and appropriate capture mechanisms
  • Explain the concepts of classification and different approaches depending on local business needs
  • Review current metadata standards and guidelines
  • Understand search and retrieval
  • Explore different levels of access control and permissions

ERM Concept - Part B

  • Determine retention or disposal
  • Creating records, Classification Schemes
  • Review digital preservation techniques
  • Determine migration
  • Agree upon ERM administration and audit
  • Identify necessary legislation, standards and regulation
  • Understand discovery, disclosure and related issues

ERM Process Component - (How to implement ERM?)

  • Manage an ERM program consisting of several coordinated projects
  • Identify the new roles, responsibilities and organizational structure to provide governance and management of an ERM facility
  • Understand Concept of Operations as a shared vision of an ERM future
  • Develop an Information Survey: what information do we have?
  • Develop a Business Case for ERM
  • Identify the business requirements of the ERM system
  • Develop and implement a Business Classification Scheme
  • Explain the details of user groups and users
  • Understand the impact of implementing ERM on the organizations IT infrastructure
  • Understand Pilot Implementation / Model Office
  • Define and explain the roll-out stage of ERM projects
  • Recognize steps involved with sustaining ERM after implementation and realizing the benefits
  • Post-workshop Case Study

Special Offer

In case you are a member of AIIM, you receive a discount and the price amounts to € 2.195,- (excl. VAT).


Nov 04, 2019
No. of Days: 4
Total Hours: 32
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